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Mountain tea, (also known as ironwort and shepherd's tea), scientifically named Sideritis (in Greek "Sideritis" can be literally translated as "he who is or has the iron"), is a valuable herb known since ancient times for its beneficial properties and its immeasurable therapeutic values.

Hippocrates recommended it as a tonic because of its high content in iron, while Dioscorides considered it a powerful shield against the common cold and used it as a healing medicine, because of its healing and antimicrobial activity.

Today, we know that this can be attributed to its high content in flavonoids and specific volatile components (essential oils), which boost the circulatory and cardiovascular system while offering our body inflammatory and antioxidant protection.

Greek mountain tea is loved by all generations for its pleasant taste, aroma and beneficial ingredients which it supplies to our body. Rich in natural antioxidants, this plant should not be missing from our daily lives and our home.