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Lavender is widely known for its wonderful aroma and its numerous therapeutic properties, that can be attributed to the highly complex chemical composition of its essential oil. It has been used by the people in the Mediterranean for over 2,500 years, and scientists rank it among the 20 most important herbs.

Besides keeping moth at bay, lavender has many other, more important properties. It combats stress, insomnia and melancholy, calms the nervous system, invigorates and relaxes. Lavender's essential oil has antiseptic and healing properties and is one of the few that can be applied directly on the skin without dilution. It’s great for bites, cuts, sores and skin inflammations in general. It has antioxidant properties and offers relief from common cold, cough, migraine and headaches.

True lavender has no side effects and can be used in a variety of ways in order to benefit from its properties. It is ideal for all of us and our babies.