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Aromatic and medicinal plants

During the last few years, much emphasis has been laid on natural antioxidants. A new attitude towards life is being adopted, in which aromatic medicinal plants are becoming part of our daily diet, offering our body wellness and invaluable long-term benefits for our health.

Aromatic medicinal plants have always had a special place in people’s lives in all ages. Knowledge about these plants dates back to the times of primitive humans, who used them not only for their nutritional qualities, but also for their therapeutic properties. All ancient cultures – be it the Assyrians, the Sumerians, the Egyptians, the Chinese or of course the ancient Greeks – invested much time in discovering those properties of aromatic medicinal plants and their benefits to human’s life.

In Greece, aromatic medicinal plants are of particular importance. The country’s native flora, as one of the most diverse in the Mediterranean and the Balkan, comprises over 6.000 species of plants, 500-600 of which are aromatic medicinal plants. In terms of biodiversity, Greece is ranked third on the planet and its weather and soil conditions are perfectly suitable for the cultivation of aromatic medicinal plants. Farming is possible both in mountainous and hilly areas, as the plants have low influx demands, are resistant to pests and diseases, and are ideal for applying organic production methods.

Aromatic plants offer valuable medicinal substances that contribute to fighting diseases and to the extension of our life itself. Place your trust in herbs that have been part of our tradition for ages, and you certainly will not lose!